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Guided Couples Journal

Guided Couples Journal

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This relationship journal helps you share the feelings that aren’t always easy to express. With 18 unique prompts, make it a just because couples gift, or, if you’re like us, exchange one on your anniversary every year so you can look back and track how you felt during the different seasons of your lives.

The best part of this journal is that it’s short and sweet. Each prompt only takes about 15 minutes, but is deeply meaningful. Once the entire booklet is completed, it becomes a collection of love letters.

With plenty of space to share your thoughts, each prompt is accompanied by a blank page for pictures, stickers, or extra love messages.

Inside you'll find:

Page 1: 5 minute gratitude
Page 2: When we met (I remember...It made me feel...That night I...)
Page 3: Today (I noticed...I loved talking to you about...I missed...)
Page 4: A story about you (make up a short story about your loved one)
Page 5: Sometimes I (Don't know how to tell you...Feel bad for...Forget...)
Page 6: This month (I feel like we could've communicated better on...)
Page 7: How I see You (Your love languages are...You love when we...)
Page 8: Memories (When I'm older and look back on my life i'll remember...)
Page 9: I promise to...
Page 10: You have no idea (How much I think about...How much I appreciate...)
Page 11: When we argue (I wonder...I remind myself that...I try to...)
Page 12: You remind me of (This quote...This animal...This book...)
Page 13: 10 things I love about you
Page 14: The little things (You don't think I notice...You don't see how...)
Page 15: What I leave unsaid when (I'm sad...We haven't seen each other...)
Page 16: If this was our last day on earth (We would...I would tell you...)
Page 17: A future moment I picture with you...
Page 18: My love letter to you...

We gift wrap all of our journals, so they are ready-made gifts for a fun date night activity or anniversary gift. You can also give it to the people you love like parents or friends, or simply keep it as a fond memory for yourself. Its modern and minimalist design also makes it a unique coffee table book!

A note from us:
Thank you for taking the time to share your love. It's not always easy to express oneself, or to remember how someone makes us feel in the small moments of life. We hope this relationship journal gives you the words to share your love and helps you remember when you felt it most.
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