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New Habits Couples Journal

New Habits Couples Journal

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Form new habits with your partner or friend with this habit tracking journal duo! We all have goals, and it's not always easy to reach them alone. These journals give you and a loved one a way to hold each other accountable and form healthy habits together.

The first month helps you build the ground work for up to 6 new changes, holding you accountable through emotional checkpoints. In the remaining 11 months of this journal, you'll have quick check-ins, then finally, reflection exercises. Each activity only takes a few minutes of your time but reminds you of why you are committed to your new habits while promoting motivation and consistency from within.

We designed different covers so you, your partner, friend, or family member can pick the one that resonates most. We made this booklet sleek and small (5x7), so you can bring it anywhere, whether you want to fill it out at a coffee shop or keep it in your bag.

Inside you’ll find:

Pages 3-6: Habits Planning (change #...why is this important to me?...rewards of this change…difficulty level)

Page 7-8: Initial Check In (affirmation for the next 30 days…my top 3 fears going in…3 ways I can keep myself on track…strengths…weakness…3 things I want to tell my post-challenge self…how I feel going into the challenge…thoughts and reflections)

Pages 9-12: Week 1 & 2: Daily habit tracking check marks

Page 13-14: Mid Month Check In: (how i’m feeling about my progress…3 differences in my life so far…3 ways i’ve kept myself on track…challenges…the impact my changes have made on others…reminder of why this is important to me…how i’m feeling about continuing…thoughts and reflections)

Pages 15-18: Week 3 & 4: Daily habit tracking check marks

Pages 19-20: Final Check In: (How i’m feeling about how I did…3 noticeable differences in my life…3 reasons to continue my changes…challenges…the impact my changes have made on others…why was this important to do…how i’m feeling about finishing…thoughts and reflections)

Pages 21-22: What I Learned (What you learned from each change)

Pages 23-24: Reflection

Pages 27-29: The rest of the year (track your habits for 11 more months; daily or weekly)

Pages 31-52: End of Year Reflection


Black: 30 Days of Change
Mint: 30 Days of Change
Sage: Change verb. (the act or instance of making or becoming different)

A Note From Us:

We know first hand how hard it can be to form new habits and stick to them. This journal isn’t meant to send you head first into the habit world or give you superficial motivation to stick to your changes. We wanted to make something that would force us to reflect on ourselves every step of the way and therefore bring ourselves our own motivation to change – which in our personal experiences, is the only way our habits ever stick. We sincerely hope this journal can do the same for you and your journey of change.
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